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Inexperienced driver? How to find cheap car insurance and get the best deal.

If you're a young driver or a new driver, you need to shop around to get the best insurance deal, trying specialist companies. Once on the road, keep your driving record clean.

Insurance companies employ this sad group of people called actuaries who live for statistics. They are the ones who work out how much we should all pay as premiums. The statistics tell us about the world and help us understand the risks. For these purposes, you're young if under 25! So, if you're under 25 and a new driver, the premium is going to be high. If you're male, under 25 and a new driver, some companies will turn you away. Others will charge you the maximum. Regardless of gender, the chances of you having an accident increase because you haven't had as much practice, you don't recognise the dangers on the road as quickly as the others, and your temperament can also be suspect (which is a polite way of saying you may not watch the road carefully when answering an sms). People tend to calm down and concentrate more after they have crashed into a few things (and survived). Older people who come to driving late are also charged higher premiums until they build up experience and become safer on the roads.

So, no matter how old you are, start off your quest for maximum savings by getting as many online insurance quotes as possible. This is a good site but it's not the only site. Spread your search, talk to your friends and find out how much they pay. Put in the time to shop around. Don't just look for cheap car insurance. You want the best affordable insurance policy around. As to the driving itself, get as much training as possible. Too many people give up after passing the Test and assume they know enough. Insurance companies offer discounts to those who go on to take an advanced driving test. The assumption is that you're more interested in becoming a better driver and, if you pass, demonstrate improving skills.

As a young driver, while you're waiting for the years to pass, there are two other options to consider. The first is to be a named driver on a policy held by a more experienced driver. This will usually be one of your parents and gets you on to the road at a more affordable price. The drawback is that, because you're not the policy holder, you don't earn the no claims discount. You just hit your parent's no claims discount every time you bend some metal. The longer you delay getting your own policy, the longer it will take to earn a no claims discount worth protecting. The second option which also applies to older drivers, is to go for an insurance policy with a company that specialises in inexperienced drivers. When should you consider this? If you have a car in a low category and with a low value, this starts your premium off at a lower level. Now stay out of trouble. If you go without a claim, you get your no claims discount. You will also get credit if you avoid any prosecutions for speeding, careless driving, and so on. This is all under your control. You will be rewarded for your safe driving with reduced premiums.