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Getting Cheap Caravan Insurance Quotes Online

The internet has fundamentally changed the way you shop for caravan insurance. No longer do need to spend hours calling various companies, waiting on hold, and trying to compare rates. With the quote software below, you can instantly get quotes from many different companies and for many different types of cover. Just select your type of cover and examine the rate table.

Types of Caravan Cover

The type of cover you have depends on the type of caravan you own, since different types of caravan have different sorts of risks associated with them. Remember, all caravans are legally required to have cover if they are traveling on public roads.

Motor Caravan and Tour Caravan Insurance

Since a motorhome is both a dwelling and an automobile, making sure that your cover extends to all possible scenarios and everything on and in the motorhome is essential, almost like a combined home insurance and car insurance policy. For example, you should find out if your cover will reimburse you for all of the items within the motorhome. If you're traveling outside the UK, make sure you have European cover, and keep in mind how many days you're allowed to be abroad with the motor caravan each year. If you do break down, your policy should cover you for a temporary housing and repairs.

Similar to motor caravan insurance in that a touring caravan is both on the road and a place where you sleep, you will want to make sure that the same things mentioned above are in your touring policy. You should also keep safety from theft in mind—storing it in a safe place and applying a wheel clamp when the caravan is not moving will reduce your premiums and give you peace of mind.

Trailer Tent Insurance

Trailer tents are similar to touring caravans for obvious reasons, but their simpler and less sturdy designs makes them more susceptible to natural damage like flooding, so make sure that your policy adequately covers any possible damage that is weather- or nature-related as well as traffic-related incidents.

Static Caravan Insurance

Of course, if you have a static caravan then road damage is the least of your worries. Spending the vast majority of their time stationary, static caravan insurance is most heavily protective against theft, and Mother Nature's wrath. Examine policies about what items inside the caravan are covered in the event of loss or damage. Are expensive items like jewelry and electronics also covered? If not, make sure you store them elsewhere!