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Affordable Cover with Campervan Insurance Quotes

Campervans are a great compromise between the mobility and compactness of a standard car and the accommodations of a full-sized caravan. Although they closely resemble—and in some cases used to be—cars, it's most effective to buy campervan insurance, rather than hoping that a standard car insurance plan will be adequate.

Finding Quotes Online

Thanks to our helpful and easy online table, you can now compare rates for campervan cover in seconds. Rather than phoning up each individual company, waiting on hold, and struggling to understand how they measure up to one another, we've done all of the work for you. Simply look for the policy that is right for you and make your selection—it's that simple!

Insurance designed specifically for campervans will have all of the same kinds of traffic-related cover that you'll find with a standard car insurance policy, but will go above and beyond that to accommodate the special needs inherent to a vehicle designed both for transportation and temporary living.

Travelling Accommodations

Since you're using your campervan as a place to stay, a campervan policy wouldn't just cover damage to the vehicle, but would also pay for temporary accommodations while the campervan is repaired.

There are, however, variations in when and where this cover will apply; if you plan to travel outside the UK, make sure you have European coverage, lest you be forced to pay for everything out of pocket. There are also time restrictions concerning how much time you can be covered for while abroad with your campervan, so be sure to find a policy that will fit with the amount of time you spend on holiday outside the UK.

Insurance For Damaged Contents & Injured Pets

Since you will no doubt be carrying a lot of personal belongings on your trip and in your campervan (including items that a hotel would normally furnish), a good campervan insurance policy will cover many items within it in the event that it is damaged or stolen. Be cautious of what is and is not covered under the policy though, as certain valuables such as jewelry might not be covered, or at least not at their replacement value.

Your cover may also include treating injuries to your companion animals while they are with you, assuming it occurs as a result of something related to the campervan itself.

Replacement Value

It is wise when considering campervan cover to opt for receiving the replacement value for your vehicle. This is the only way to truly have insurance bring you back to where you were before an accident, because all campervans depreciate steeply in value in their first few years of use. If you are only reimbursed for the current value of the automobile then you will not be able to pay for another one of equal quality.