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Car Breakdown Cover Prices

Finding Car Breakdown Cover is simple, quick, and 100% FREE when you compare prices with our online comparison service.
With us, you will find the cover to meet your needs in minutes and save up to hundreds of pounds on your breakdown cover.
Explore different types and levels of breakdown cover. All your options are clearly detailed, so you'll only pay for the cover you need.
You can add Road Rescue to your existing policy or add it as an optional extra to your new one. Road Rescue Service is even available as a separate standalone policy. The sooner you start comparing, the sooner you start saving money.

The Importance of Breakdown Cover

Year round, the UK can be a perilous place to drive. In winter, the AA alone see to 20 thousand breakdown recoveries a day! Anything can go wrong with an automobile, from the engine to the batteries to the exhaust to the tyres, and a glance under the bonnet is unlikely to fix it for you. At any moment, your vehicle could fail.

Even if you could repair the damage yourself, high levels of traffic on the roads make even switching tyres unsafe. With breakdown cover, you pay a small fee for safety and security, as well as getting your vehicle to working order in a snap.

Breakdown Cover Types

You have the option of selecting either vehicle breakdown cover or personal breakdown cover.

Having vehicle breakdown cover means that, no matter who is driving, car insurance will provide assistance. Personal cover guarantees that the person on the policy will get vehicle assistance whether he or she is a driver or passenger.

You can even purchase personal cover for multiple persons on one policy, depending on the car insurance provider.

Considering raw prices, vehicle cover is definitely cheaper. However, which form is best value for cash depends on the situation. If your household has two vehicles or more and several regular drivers, personal cover could turn out less expensive overall.

What Breakdown Insurance Covers

Your benefits depend on which of the four cover levels you choose.

Roadside cover is the cheapest. With it, insurance will send around a patrol vehicle to assist you and try to get your vehicle working again. You will receive a certain number of free labour hours before facing extra charges. If roadside repair isn't possible, they will tow your vehicle to a nearby garage. Replacement parts will not be covered.

National cover adds to Roadside a transportation package, so that a vehicle will take you and any passengers to your destination. The added price is modest.

Home Start builds off of National cover by agreeing to send a unit to your home to make repairs, if that is what you need. Roadside and National will only cover you if you are away from your home, but Home Start covers you anywhere.

Onward Travel adds in the funds to hire a car or take accommodation for the night.