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UK drivers tend to be aggressive

Fed up with aggressive drivers roaming the British roads? Well, you may be one of them too.

We tend to hear a lot about aggressive drivers and see them every day on the roads. Insurance companies warn against such drivers and charge offensive risk-takers with much higher premiums for getting their cars insured. But what we don't know is that more than a half of us turn into Mister Hyde the moment we get behind the wheel no matter how calm we tend to be out of the car. A recent study of 4.000 British drivers has indicated that about 40% of motorists experience a drastic personality change once they get into traffic. Two thirds of these drivers become more aggressive while a third becomes on the other hand more defensive and cautious. And it doesn't really matter how aggressive the person is in everyday life.

The most aggressive group of drivers is of course younger males, that's why they are always charged the highest by insurance companies. Male drivers generally tend to be more aggressive on the road than women, speeding, going on red and switching lanes too often. Yet this doesn't mean that female drivers are all good and realist while behind the wheel. Talking on the phone while driving is another sign of carelessness and female drivers are known for this behavior too.

Yet the new police forces promise to take on reckless drivers since 2012 by introducing on-spot fines for driving near or above the limit. The new rules will set a minimum 80 pound fine and three points on the license to drivers caught speeding or creating risky situations on the road. These regulations will be introduced in England, Wales and Scotland the next year alongside new more rigorous regulations regarding drug-influenced driving to eliminate all loopholes for drunk driving. Moreover, courts will have more power to seize vehicles from aggressive and drunk drivers if they are caught on the scene.

If you tend to realize that your driving style is aggressive and can cause problems to other motorists you should consider going through a defensive driving course. This will certainly help to review your driving style but moreover it can also give you a little cut in car insurance premiums. If you find a defensive driving course that issues legitimate certificates that your insurance company takes into account then you can use the certificate when renewing your policy in order to show that you've become a lesser risk to the company.